Memberships with the non-profit “Chamber of Commerce for Risk” STETA Group may be tax-deductible in certain jurisdictions as ordinary business expenses. Ask your tax advisor for details.

Join us today with a donation to the STETA Group at your desired member level.

Our 5 field trials have shown that risk solutions powered by Systemkey™ deliver many-fold reductions in latent (hidden or undiscovered) risks across industries. As our member-client’s solutions roll out across their organizations, they deliver / release new revenue streams, they expand business owners’ capacity to create jobs. *Local* jobs. Read the full Perspectives article: “Eating Risk for breakfast: doing business in Birkirkara.”

As implementation spreads, Systemkey™ dialog-driven risk discovery transforms the opaque art of risk management into practical skillsets for the classic STEM careers (science, technology, engineering & maths). By Making Risk Social to Make You Safer SM, local STETA chapters play a vital role in growing local economies!

That is as true in Wales as it is in Malta, Peru, Turkey – or Texas! People everywhere want to prosper. STETA Group equips companies and organizations with the structured dialog to have those growing conversations that produce rich results.

Read our ideal client stories: to experience a dash of the Systemkey™ secret sauce: dialog-driven risk discovery and risk resolution.

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