Cultural Anthropology [iAnthro]

Job Information

Job Title Cultural Anthropology [iAnthro]
Company Name STETA Group
Job Type Internship
Location telecommute
Physical Location: Lost Pines, TX 78612 (Austin-metro)
Length of Assignment Project-based: expect 3-4 projects each 19-days long
Salary Info $0 N/A
Reports to STETA Board Chair
Travel Requirements Less than 20% (in almost all cases zero)
Telecommuting Available Yes


Position Description

Role: Cultural Anthropology [iAnthro]                     # Candidates Sought: [ 1 ]

Are you ready to invest your time & upgrade your talents in a challenging internship with the non-profit “chamber of commerce for risk” STETA Group? Join us to leapfrog to the top 3% of your peers!* It’s not easy, remote work takes more responsibility. It’s not for everyone and it will mean saying no to other things (like tv) to make time for success. If you’re still reading, this may be for you!

“Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.”

Peter Thiel


Responsibilities & Opportunities

  • Host events (on-line/off-line) featuring the on-going conversation about the social, mental and cultural factors driving people’s decisions to choose, support or ignore at-risk behaviors in company settings.
  • Be a reality check – Must have the courage to say “NO” yet have or gain the diplomacy to say it with tact and grace.
  • Research targeted regions/countries aligned with our strategic growth plans
  • Work closely with iMkt, iTvl, iLing, iPub roles and other team members as needed on projects as assigned.
  • Strategize with the regional liaisons


Our Secret Sauce

Our 5 field trials have shown that risk solu­tions powered by the Systemkey™ Risk Modeling Language (srml) deliver many-fold reductions in latent (undiscovered) risks across industries. As our member-client’s solutions roll out across their organizations, they deliver / release new revenue streams, they expand business owners’ capacity to create jobs. Local jobs.

As implementation spreads, Systemkey™ dialog-driven risk discovery transforms the opaque art of risk management into prac­tic­al skillsets for the classic stem careers. By Making Risk Social to Make You Safer sm local steta chapters play a vital role in growing local economies!

A key distinguishing characteristic of our internships is the emphasis on equipping you, our student partners, with cross-disciplinary insights (cdi). Working with us in one in one of our unpaid internships gives you the opportunity to participate in designing next-generation risk tools and influence how risk is measured and managed across industries. Real work that makes a real difference:

  • for the project
  • for you to gain the intangibles of learning from the experience of others.

Your key to success

Based on prior experience with candidates, we must state directly that you are selected for your skills, not your opinions. Cross-cultural awareness is an aspect of cross-discipli­nary insights (cdi), both of which derive their power of discovery from objective truth: facts like gravity, the sun rising in the East, or the structure of DNA do not depend on personal opinion, (despite what a rogue judge may dictate).

The successful candidate has the maturity to clearly articulate the major themes of our work, whether or not they have personal feelings on the matter at hand. We suggest candidates read past issues of the Perspectives from the Stair Newsletter: to learn more.


As François Charette, a historian of science at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, points out, “for the translation of technology, you can’t rely solely on texts… .” Most texts leave out vital technical details, so you need skills to be transmitted directly.

What else surrounds us about which we could we be completely in the dark? What latest new thing is actually just knowledge rediscovered, and how can the humility to embrace this “cloud of un­knowing” raise our, our client-partner’s & their client’s capacity for risk discovery and resolution in whatever field we’ve chosen as our vocation?

Material physical properties are still the same regardless of shifting tides of public opinion, so those professions which are embedded in the physical world where day and night, light and dark, cold and hot still hold sway, give the edge in maturing early career professionals to develop insights into both their professions and the human condition. While unpaid, these internships provide tremendous career benefits:


  • Own specific projects, with access to our tools; each 19-days duration, or a multiple thereof. (Yes, there is a method to our madness…)
  • Opportunity for tailored mentoring focused on applying your project results to your career field, professional & personal goals.
  • Build case studies based on your successes.
  • Learn to integrate individual contributions within larger group efforts, skills that will serve you lifelong, across any field or endeavor.
  • Get published (market reports, technical white papers, case study results, etc.)
  • Potential for class credit, (depending on your school, it’s not under our control, see your Career Services Counselor for details)
  • and if earned, a professional recommendation for a job well done

Our founder invested over 15,600 air miles in the month of Oct 2014 alone, to evangelize the dialog-driven technology solutions that we bring to academic, professional and technical communities of practice. This rare opportunity to join our team in an unpaid internship could be an investment that pays dividends for a lifetime, if you are committed to creating your own positive future in the chaos of the modern world.

Useful backgrounds/majors

Teaching Social Work International Affairs
Risk Management Communications Corp. Social Responsibility
Ethics Consulting Business
Broadcasting Anthropology Psychology
Don’t see your major? Reach out to us! We like ambitious people.

Are you ready to see over the horizon? Are you eager to glimpse the new world beyond? Some people are ready to make decisions with mentorship, others seek decisions to be made for them. Unpaid internships with STETA Group offer invaluable start-up experience working with seasoned business professionals who can equip you to recognize the Copernican shift from a business-centered universe of selling to passive consumers to the new world of nimble companies focused on providing value to informed individuals!

Role Partner focus

  • With mentoring and our in-house tools, learn to keep the both forest and trees in view, strategically shifting as appropriate.


Who We Are:

The non-profit chamber of commerce for risk, The Systems Thinking & Engineering Technical Alliance, (STETA Group) is on a mission to work with the best, most innovative individuals who are passionate about helping students achieve early success in stem careers (science, technology, engineering & maths, like the Brits would say, with a plural)

We seek people with fresh insights and out-of-the-box mindsets, who understand the box is there for a reason. If you are looking to join a team working to help students (including yourself) build their own unique personal brands, this is it!

Letters of recommendation

[ 1 ] letter of recommendation required from faculty advisors.


Writing Samples

Links to your portfolios or digital showcases are fine, explain your role/contributions in a joint effort.


Your Curriculum

Given the position description for which you are applying, please propose five (5) short projects, each that could be completed in ~2-1/2 weeks (19 days) that you and your favorite professor believe would add a particular strength to your college experience. We will discuss your projects with you personally. Ideally, you will be assigned 3 to 4 projects during your semester internship. While final project selection is at the discretion of STETA Group, if you are passionate about something, by all means, request a Skype video conference to make your case! We love ambitious people!


Exceptional candidates may be invited to participate in longer, more in-depth projects spanning more than one semester with the potential for academic credit, (depending on your advisor, it’s not under our control).


Notes & Further Reading

*Bell Labs says that less than 3% of organizations are changed from within.

Our Language Leverage™ Series:

A flyer:

Intro to steta Group:

What do gecko’s toes teach us about risk? »



Matthew E. Weilert                +1-866-288-0530 (US/Canada)                +1-847-227-3006 (International)

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