Job Information

Job Title Publishing/Community-Building
Company Name STETA Group/STI LLC
Job Type Internship
Location Austin-metro telecommute
Lost Pines, TX 78612
Length of Assignment Project-based
Salary Info $0 N/A
Reports to STETA Executive Director
Travel Requirements Less than 20%
Telecommuting Available Yes


Position Description

STETA: The Systems Thinking & Engineering Technical Alliance, is establishing a cadre of 10 interns and this role is two-fold:

  • Host off-line sessions to develop interest/community-building around titles in the STI Press catalog which support STETA’s risk management goals, managing industry relationships (publishing/promotion) and vendor coordination as needed.
  • Shepard each title through the production process, coordinating with multiple team mates, our print partner, Vicks Litho, contractors and vendors.

Effective teamwork is essential to coordinate seminars, events and logistics with Travel, Legal and Finance interns. If your first impression is “this is too hard!” then this opportunity is not for you (yet). Real victories come from doing hard things well.

Imagine a world…

where the chance of another BP environmental catastrophe, another Challenger tragedy, another Food Supply Chain Safety debacle, another Enron, and another and another and another disaster wasn’t just left up to “the experts” to solve—and prevent, but the risks and conditions leading up to those risks were rationally considered in the naked light of the noonday sun.

What Sets Us Apart

At the heart of the Systemkey™ Risk Intelligence Framework is capturing thousands of “trivial details” that “don’t matter” from hundreds of daily conversations at every level of the organization. With these inputs distilled, the project experts can then assess system-wide risks with far greater effectiveness.

Systemkey™ inputs arise from everyday, ordinary conversations, filtered and distilled to deliver the vital essence of operating experience on a continuing basis.

Systemkey’s layered, structured filtering questions slice through organization complexity in thin-enough slices that the new hire can understand—and report—what they see with fresh eyes.

The non-profit STETA business league structure encourages industry collaboration across the commercial, financial and operational sectors and will deliver engaging insights by revealing cross-industry similarities of risk categories, conditions and causes that were invisible to siloed competitors.


  • Have or get a Skype account
  • Use a email address for all STETA-projects
  • Represent the company well in their local environment if they are in a public-facing role
  • Manage their own time

Opportunities for Interns to:

  • Use real-world business experience (experiential education)
  • Gain skills and knowledge in an emerging technology (Systemkey™ Risk Intelligence Framework
  • Learn meta knowledge including: systems engineering and systems thinking process
  • Help bridge the gap between marketing and technical, (hybrid) – learn to adapt language into layman’s terms


  • Renaissance person with an inquisitive mind and knowledge a variety of subjects
  • Someone who is interested in and sees the benefits of technology and increasing their technical knowledge
  • Tolerance for ambiguity, self-starter, high moral character who can be trusted to work independently
  • People who want to have an influence, are articulate and understand that data drives decisions + marketing sense (branding awareness)
  • Willingness to both teach and learn
  • Ability to simplify technical language into layman’s terms

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